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Travel In America For the Mobility Challenged

A Multi-Billion Dollar Market

Consider these statistics. In the United States there are 1.7 million people who use wheelchairs or power scooters; 4.8 million that use cans; 1.8 million that use walkers. These people combine to spend over 13 BILLION DOLLARS, yes, billion with a “B” dollars each year on travel.

Until Now: Poor or Inadequate Information for the Disabled Traveler

While there are countless travel books, magazines and brochures available, most have only a wheelchair emblem signifying accessibility to their attraction with no further explanation. When a mobility-challenged person get to the attraction there may be a number of unrevealed difficulties. This is because most able bodied people don’t truly understand mobility obstacles and they are usually the one’s writing the books.

John Williams, creator of Wheelchair Destinations and host of the show, travels in a wheelchair himself so he knows firsthand what these needs are and relays his experiences to the viewer by video with a sense of fun and adventure.

Wheelchair Destinations: A Unique and Needed Travel Aid

Wheelchair Destinations is a series of travel videos with specialized information for the disabled traveler. In each show, John Williams, the host, will discuss (and show) in detail the main attractions around a particular destination. Attractions will be rated from one to five stars depending on accessibility helping the disabled traveler to truly “Know Before They Go” what, if any, obstacles they may face.

These videos are beautifully shot in high definition with sweeping cinematography and wonderful music. A joy for ALL TRAVELERS to watch.

Wheelchair Destinations is The Only Video Series in America Produced for the Disabled Traveler!

Travel Facts

  • There are 8.3 million people in America who have mobility disabilities.
  • People in wheelchairs and other mobility challenged folks spend over 13 BILLION DOLLARS each year on travel.
  • Wheelchair Destinations is a series of videos that show in great detail the accessibility of travel destinations chosen by people in wheelchairs.
  • Wheelchair Destinations features spectacular cinematography, music, and visual along with accessibility information.
  • Wheelchair Destinations can talk to the disabled traveler in ways no other medium can.
  • Wheelchair Destinations is UTTERLY UNIQUE in its concept…a powerful medium to reach those with accessibility issues…and their traveling companions.

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